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About Us

We are your local family-owned hardware store, and we are part of your community in the South of London. We don't just sell tools, we use tools. As industry experts and business owners in the construction & home improvement sector, we bring you reliable products at unbeatable prices every day in store and online.

Whether you are working on a building site, upgrading your customer’s home, or completing a DIY project, we are right here in your neighbourhood with expert advice on the right product for the job. We are committed to provide you with high-quality building tools, equipment and materials that are stronger and more durable than your nearest merchants and make your day-to-day tasks easier.

Introducing our specialty; our very own Tile Levelling System, Diamond Drill Sets and Diamond Saw Blades manufactured by Smith Tools to the highest quality standards at exceptional value for money.

Our Tile Levelling System is a revolutionary first-class kit designed to make it as easy as possible to lay your tiles flat and even. The kit is comprised of thin plastic clips to be fitted in a grout joint between two tiles. A plastic wedge is then driven by a pair of special pliers into the centre of the clip until it sits flush on the surface, so that both tiles are level. Once the tiles have set, the clip can easily be knocked off, leaving only its base bedded in the adhesive under the two tiles. The plastic wedge is fully re-useable, which saves costs on further jobs, as you only need to buy new clips.

Our Diamond Drill Sets offer the best price–value ratio and comprise of durable holesaws designed for constant and stable performance. Every single holesaw undergoes a rigorous quality control process so that we can provide you with the highest quality product on the market. Excellent for both wet and dry application on multi-materials and can be used with angle grinder or drill. Each kit comes with its own stylish and practical metal case and is available in various sizes.

Our Diamond Saw Blades are premium quality tools specifically designed for professional use and offer super-fast precise cutting and low waste. Suitable for wet/dry cutting in multi-materials.

Pop in store and say hello or drop us a message online; we are a bunch of helpful hardware folks!

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